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I can art decently-
And if it's somehow not obvious, I enjoy JJBA

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Posted by HPCS - 12 days ago

I haven't posted at all yet, so hi.

You could say "hi" back if you want, but that's up to you.

Have a nice rest of your day!


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the game is going down the drain, my friend did something but he dosent know what went wrong
im afraid for him to cancel the project because all the sprites are done and he almos ended codifing the zombie but something messed up im worried rn

That sounds really bad, I really hope that it all works out in the end

Good luck

all i know is that something messed up in the game's code

@Havy1229 @HPCS this is bad...its really relly bad, the program Sebsworld was using to code the game cant undo erros, he tried to make it went to the player but it went agaisnt and stoped working, so yea, there is a 90% chance for the game to get entirely decoded, but if for some miracle it dosent happend i dont know what he will do

I pray for you guys, I really hope that it works out for you

ocrrection, he tried to smplify the code but it didnt wokr

really bad news, a solution enever came, so saldy the game is canceled,i know you where waiting for it to release but the error was so hard to fix that he just gave up and canceled it, im really sorry about that

That sucks, but you could always reuse sprites for another project

yes but from now the game is just a broken fantasy

thast what im doing

im saving all the sprites in a flie called sprites

That sounds like a good idea

I hope that you can use those sprites eventually

@Havy1229 @HPCS im waiting for my friend to recover from all the stress of failed apttemps of fixing the error

@Havy1229 @HPCS im waiting for my friend to recover from all the stress of failed apttemps of fixing the error

the project was like at 50% completed, but it all screwed up